You'€™ll know the payoff schedule before you start.

€‹Unity'€™s across-the-board mastery of building infrastructure gives Unity clients a head start on capturing energy savings. Knowing how systems interoperate helps us identify the best opportunities for energy recovery and co-generation solutions. New lighting technologies, particularly LEDs, can radically reduce labor costs as well as energy use.

Unity engineers do the analysis to identify potential savings via new efficiencies or on-site generation. For many clients, we are both the mechanical and the controls contractor, integrating maintenance and energy management from the HVAC systems to the data center.

Energy conservation projects for industry leaders

  • Goldman Sachs - Building management system, lighting controls
  • JP Morgan Chase - Lighting solutions
  • New York Times - Low voltage electrical installation in support of LEED certification
  • Prudential - 600 KW photovoltaic system to offset commercial power costs

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