Back-up systems that remove all doubt.

€‹Emergency generators and uninterrupted power supply systems are the ultimate test of an electrical contractor. By definition, they cannot fail. It'€™s not a coincidence that Unity is the leading provider of critical power solutions to New York'€™s financial industry and transportation hubs.

We bring the practical wisdom of a thousand engagements to every installation. Because our capabilities include all mission-critical systems —€“ hence — €œ"Unity"€ —€“ we have an unusually comprehensive view of what emergency systems need to do, from the data center to the security desk.

Objectivity is the starting point. We do not represent equipment manufacturers. Our objectives are the business continuity and data security of the clients we serve. In fact, standing guard over their business-critical systems is now a centerpiece offering at Unity.

Systems that never sleep... so you can

  • Power Sources
  • Cabling
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Monitoring & Maintenance

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