One team, one call, one bill.

The systems that support the life of your business come from different vendors. They have different life cycles and maintenance requirements. They live in different locations. Unity Spectrum covers them all with a single Service-Level Agreement at a predictable cost. Our one-of-a-kind technology platform meshes seamlessly with client or outsourced facilities management organization workflows on a software-as-a-service or monthly subscription basis.

One team: on site, online, on call. A dedicated account manager leads a Unity team that knows your systems and operations from end to end. At major customer installations, like a UPS distribution center, there is a Spectrum team on site. Customer systems at all locations are monitored continuously. When a fix can’t be made remotely, technicians are dispatched — often before the customer is aware that there’s a problem.

We don’t outsource expertise: Unity builds the kind of data, power and mechanical systems that Spectrum manages. Trouble calls go to an expert on your system, not a customer sales rep.

Integrated maintenance makes it easier to isolate faults in the interconnected systems that support enterprise operations. Unity replaces vendor finger-pointing with single-point accountability.