Enterprise-wide energy management helps rein in costs.

Unity Spectrum services integrate energy management into the overall maintenance program, giving customers a better handle on one of their largest controllable costs.

Unity’s cross-system expertise enables more comprehensive solutions than individual system manufacturers can provide. Unity customers routinely report increased operational efficiency and lower labor costs as well as reduced energy use.

Continuous monitoring isolates opportunities for energy conservation measures. Unity engineers analyze system data to identify potential savings via new efficiencies or on-site power generation. Customers get more than a plan: they get a bankable schedule for savings. Improvements can often be funded as energy savings are realized, minimizing capital investments.

Energy independence for the enterprise. In addition to providing advanced energy-saving technologies, we help some customers generate their own power. Unity is the Northeast’s leader in utility-scale solar solutions. Where others typically outsource most of the job, Unity completes the project from end to end and often guarantees production targets are met.

Efficiencies Everywhere

  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Lighting
  • Power and critical systems
  • HVAC and building controls
  • Data centers and IT Systems