Unity was formed in 1947 as a service business.

When I began this business in 1979, we were primarily electrical contractors. I soon realized that diversity was the answer to growth. Staying abreast of new technology was the answer. We began with ATM'€™s. We were instrumental in working out many of the design issues with ATM roll-outs. We moved from ATM'€™S to relocating trading floors. to new trading floors, to desk tops, and networks. Data centers evolved as a result of our system experience and user support. All of this resulted in our evolution to outsourcing and tech support. Our diversity leads us to supplying critical systems for our clients, and managing all the systems that support their operations. The Internet has given us the ability to do this. Everything'€™s connected and a client can see how it'€™s all working on his laptop. I still find that astonishing.

Lately, sustainability and energy management are focal points for our clients. We'€™re putting in systems and controls that make everything smarter. We'€™ve become one of the region's largest utility-scale solar developers because our clients wanted to save some money and be more energy independent. We have become a technology leader by fulfilling our clients needs. People sometimes ask me how all our capabilities fit together, but we'€™re not about an organization chart. Our capabilities fit into solutions for our clients.

When you think about it, everything that plugs in is part of a bigger system. And an even bigger system beyond that, until you'€™re talking about the whole enterprise. We work at every level because we'€™ve mastered the technology at every level, and know what it'€™s all there to do. Most importantly, we fulfill our commitments to our clients to deliver projects on time and on budget.

This is our philosophy and our key to success.

Peter J. Striano