Who do you trust with your technology foundation?

€‹Unity began as an electrical contractor and expanded by helping its clients incorporate new technologies: bank ATMs in the '€˜70s, desktop computers in the '80s, networking in the €'90s, and energy conservation in the 2000s. Today we're helping clients create the connected enterprise, integrating control of distributed systems for greater agility in the marketplace and new efficiencies on the bottom line.

The impossible doesn'€™t take a little longer. Unity'€™s commitment to the customer'€™s challenge is total. Over the years, when we'€™ve entered new businesses, it has been at the request of a client, to solve a problem that no one else could. In industries where relationships are usually defined by individual projects, we play a strategic role for CIOs and COOs. Unity'€™s tenure with its largest clients is measured in decades.